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Planet Earth Globe Recycled Cd Clock for Desk or Wall

Condition: New
Price: $9.55

Planet Earth Globe Recycled Cd Clock for Desk or Wall.  Earth interacts with other objects in space, especially the Sun and the Moon. At present, Earth orbits the Sun once for every roughly 366.26 times it rotates about its axis. This is a sidereal year, which is equal to 365.26 solar days.  The Earth's axis of rotation is tilted 23.4° away from the perpendicular to its orbital plane,  producing seasonal variations on the planet's surface with a period of one tropical year (365.24 solar days). Earth's only known natural satellite, the Moon, which began orbiting it about 4.53 billion years ago, provides ocean tides, stabilizes the axial tilt and gradually slows the planet's rotation. Between approximately 3.8 billion and 4.1 billion years ago, numerous asteroid impacts during the Late Heavy Bombardment caused significant changes to the greater surface environment.

The size of this custom made CD Clock is 4-1/2" diameter.  The Hands are painted metal. They are reverse-able with Black and white. The battery operated movement operates on one AA battery. It has a hanging bracket, and a clock stand to sit on a desk.

We are professional shippers, and will Pack your clock to arrive in perfect condition.  We have many themes available, (see pictures above) and also do custom work. Contact us for more information, and styles.

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